1. Students look forward with eager anticipation to Mr. McSymphony’s programs.  A great way to help the students learn about music. Great books to go along with the programs.
             David Karlquist, principal, James Madison Elementary School, DSUSD

2. Students absolutely loved the presentations and would love for you to return next year. The books are great educational tools.
             Jeff Hisgen, principal, James E. Carter Elementary, School DSUSD-

3. The program was easy to present. My students loved the stories and the variety of music.  I will definitely use the program next year.
             Sabrina Molhoek, 3rd grade teacher at Rio Vista Elementary, PSUSD.

4. Great program and outstanding books.  After the program, I require my students to write a composition on which composer they liked best and why.  This helps them think about music, learn about music and compose paragraphs.
             Barbara Panaway, 3rd grade teacher at James E. Carter School, DSUSD

5. Mr. McSymphony’s Opera program lit a fire in my Fifth Grade students. They showed a tremendous interest in learning more about this gentry of music and ending up researching , collaborating , planning and creating presentations with Keynotes,  movie and other apps.
            Sean Giloni-5th  grade teacher at Valle del Sol elementary school in CVUSD.

6. After 32 years of teaching, Mr. McSymphony’s programs are by far the best way to teach children music. You expose the children to the world of beautiful music and understanding of musical areas.
             Paul Deragisch, 5th grade teacher, Madison Elementary School, DSUSD

7. Excellent presentations and very well done. The programs were fun, exciting, pleasant music to listen to and loved the interaction with the students.
          Mr. George and Mr. Veliz , 3rd grade, Ronald Reagan Elementary

8. All of Mr. McSymphony’s elementary and middle school books and teacher’s guides with CD’s have been approved for Social Content Only by the California Department of Education and are included on their “Instructional Materials Social Content Review List” on their CDE web page.
             Letters received 10-28-2015 & 4-21-2016 from CDE-CFIRD

9. After presenting the opera program to my 5th graders, they really were interested and liked hearing the plots of the operas. Their only comment was that they wanted to hear more of the opera.
           Howe Matthew, music teacher, Carter Elementary, DSUSD       

         (Palm Springs, Desert Sands and Coachella Valley Unified School Districts)